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There are some helpful Tips on the Matted

Dogs page of this site. Seems like a lot of customers dogs are coming in with major matting problems this may help


We have different types of shampoo's and conditioner's for your dogs needs, whether that be that your dog has too dry, too oily of skin, or skin allergies.


Bring us your dirty, shaggy, rough around the edges, dog because we can make miracles happen in one short visit.


Every Dog Should Have A Home

And Every Home Should Have A Dog.


All dogs are expertly styled by Susan and Fran, they are professional dog groomers who will take care of your furry baby each step of the way.

We make sure we use all the newest grooming techniques & equipment available. This ensures your pet is groomed to the highest standards.
We customize your pet to your liking. From

brushing or bubble baths.To putting a bow on the toughest of dogs
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